Clarion Bathware Warranty

On this page you will find everything you need to know about our warranty terms and how to obtain service under your warranty. 

Warranty Service Procedures - What to Expect

  1. Homeowners should contact the housing manufacturer or plumbing wholesaler to begin the customer service process.
  2. The warranty claim form is then completed and emailed to or faxed to Clarion Bathware by either the housing manufacturer or the wholesaler. The Clarion Bathware Customer Service fax number is (814) 226-5568. "NEW" - Alternatively the housing manufacturer or wholesaler can submit the claim form online.
  3. The request is entered into our Customer Service tracking database and a Job Order is generated. Warranty claim forms are available on our website, from our sales representatives or directly from Clarion Bathware’s customer service department.
  4. The job is dispatched to our nearest Field Service Representative via fax, phone or mail.
  5. An open job report is run weekly for jobs that are outstanding after 30 days. A query is issued for all outstanding jobs. If there is no response, the job is reissued and the original Field Service Representative is noted for investigation.
  6. An invoice for the job is received. The Field Service Representative makes a determination of liability. Charge backs are noted on invoice and a copy is sent to the sales department for invoicing.
  7. Customer follow-up is made using a standard form to verify invoice, quality of work and the customer’s impression of the Field Service Representative’s professionalism. Poor reports are noted for investigation.

Important Notice on Product Inspection and Timely Reporting!  

  • All units should be thoroughly inspected at delivery and any shipping damage should be noted at delivery.
  • Any concealed damage should be noted within 48 hours (damage behind cardboard etc.).
  • Nested units with damage must be noted within 90 days.
  • Missing accessories must be reported within 24 hours.

In any case where emergency service is desired, such as in a manufactured housing account or in closing a field construction, special effort is to be taken to verify that the job order is received, to coordinate the repair and to contact the customer with the anticipated repair date.

A copy of our warranty is included with each unit along with a production tag. In many cases, the Field Service Representative may be asked to collect information from the production tag. In all cases, we will expect our Field Service Representative to be honest and courteous and to provide quality field repairs in a timely manner.

Filing a Warranty Claim

NEW! - Complete your claim entirely online by clicking the link below.


Download the form below and right click to save the PDF to your desktop. Open the downloaded file form and complete electronically. After completing the form, save the file and return as instructed below by one of the following means:

  • as an email attachment
  • Print and fax to: (814) 226-5568
  • Print and mail to: Clarion Bathware / 44 Amsler Avenue / Shippenville, PA 16254

 For further information or questions, please contact our claims department at: (800)576-9228 > option 1

Warranty Details

On your new Clarion unit, you will find a medallion sticker. On this sticker, it says “Clarion” and has a Serial Number that starts with “CL.”, PLEASE do not remove this sticker. This number will be needed if you would require a warranty claim to be processed.

Clarion Bathware warrants to the original purchaser and consumer that its products will be free from defects in material or workmanship when properly installed pursuant to Clarion Bathware installation instructions for the following warranty periods:

Lifetime Warranty

  • AcrylX™, Residential* Use

Thirty (30) Year Warranty

  • AcrylX™, Commercial* Use

Five (5) Year Warranty**

  • Premium Cast Acrylic

 All accessories or purchased parts carry a (1) year warranty.

Upon inspection by an authorized representative, Clarion Bathware will repair or exchange at its sole discretion, any unit found to be defective in material or workmanship. The exchange of a unit will only be considered when Clarion Bathware has eliminated all options to restore the unit to acceptable factory condition. Exchange of a unit is limited to supplying replacement product of comparable size and style, and does not include any cost of removal or installation.

Our units have a medallion located on the lower right-hand side of the unit. This medallion has the Clarion Everyday Luxury logo, which includes a QR Code and serial number specific to this unit. Please DO NOT remove this medallion. Its purpose is to help document and diagnose warranty issues associated with the unit.


This warranty shall be voided if the unit is moved from its place of initial installation or is not installed in accordance with the instructions supplied by the manufacturer of the unit. Clarion Bathware will not be held responsible for any damages resulting from improper installation.

Further, this warranty does not apply if the unit has been subjected to accident, abuse, misuse, damage caused by flood, fire, or other force of nature.

Any unauthorized repair or modification to the product would render the warranty null and void.

This warranty does not apply to any equipment or accessories not installed by Clarion Bathware and Clarion Bathware will not be held liable for any results of such acts.

Clarion Bathware is not responsible for any consequential or incidental mishaps, inconvenience, time loss, incidental expense, materials or labor related to the installation of hardware or the actual tub.

The owner agrees by use of the unit that the obligations of Clarion Bathware shall not extend to contingent or indirect damage or injury to the structure of its contents, that the obligations of Clarion Bathware are limited to those set forth herein, and that no other obligations, expressed or implied, are assumed by Clarion Bathware.

Our limited lifetime warranty first went into effect in 2017 when ABG launched the revolutionary AcrylX™ applied acrylic. Prior to 2017, warranties for gelcoat products were either three (3) or five (5) years depending on the brand. Any unit manufactured prior to 2017 is not covered by the limited lifetime warranty.

The product is not recommended for outside storage.

To obtain warranty service, the Customer must give prompt notice to Clarion Bathware of any claim.

Clarion Bathware is a division of American Bath Group Inc.

*Residential Use is considered any unit Installed in a permanent residence dwelling of Individual ownership, such as but not limited to single family home, multi-family home, or condominium.  Commercial Use is considered transient lodging, such as but not limited to healthcare facility, dormitory, hotel, or apartment complex.

**Note: Premium Cast Acrylic Five (5) Year Warranty may be superseded by specific Brand or Product Collection Warranties. Clarion Bathware Premium Cast Acrylic Five (5) Year Warranty will be the minimum length Warranty for any Premium Cast Acrylic products.