Care & Maintenance

Cleaning AcrylX™ and Acrylics: Do not use abrasive cleaners

Abrasive cleaners may scratch and dull the surface of the unit. To clean the unit after installation, use warm water and one of the stronger liquid detergents, such as: Top Job, Liquid Ajax, or Mr. Clean. Use these liquid detergents for normal day-to-day cleaning.

Plaster can be removed with a nylon or polypropylene scrubber. DO NOT USE steel wool, metal scraper, wire brushes, or other metal tools. One of the powder type detergents, such as Spic & Span, may be used on a damp cloth to provide mild abrasive action to remove residue plaster. Minor stains can be removed with household strength ammonia or bleach.

A periodic scrub down with gel gloss or a dishwashing detergent (wear rubber gloves) will usually remove any soap or mineral deposits. Periodic waxing with an automotive polish followed by a light application of liquid wax will add luster and preserve the finish.

Lighted smoking materials will leave burn marks on AcrylX ™ products. This or other similar damages can often be repaired by rubbing the affected area with an automotive type body polishing compound, such as, Dupont No. 7, followed by an automotive body wax, such as Simoniz. More severe burns require careful sanding with 400 – 600 grit wet carborundum sandpaper and a final rub out with the automotive polishing compound and wax.

Extensive damage can be completely repaired. A professional service repairman in your area should perform such repair work. If local service is not available, or if you need further assistance, contact Clarion Bathware. AcrylX™ repair kits may be purchased through Clarion Bathware.

Our units have a medallion located on the lower right-hand side of the unit. This medallion has the Clarion Everyday Luxury logo, which includes a QR Code and serial number specific to this unit. Please DO NOT remove this medallion. Its purpose is to help document and diagnose warranty issues associated with the unit.

Whirlpool Cleaning

Whirlpool systems should be cleaned periodically using household bleach. Always use caution when using chlorine-based products in conjunction with other cleaning products. The possibility of harmful fumes could result. Always rinse well.

  • Fill tub with warm water above jets and add 1 cup of household bleach
  • Turn system on for 5 minutes
  • Drain tub and re-fill with cold water
  • Restart system for 10 minutes then drain

Whirlpool Operation & Cleaning Instructions

Clarion Bathware whirlpools are equipped with factory installed on/off devices. This eliminates the need for an external switch although your installer may have provided one. Check with your installer for the location of any switch that they may have installed.

*** Note to installer: Before installation, make sure that the hose connecting the on/off button and the pump is securely attached at both ends. Make sure that the check valve at the end of the hose coming from the back of the suction is located above what would be the waterline of the installed bathtub.

Whirlpool Operation

  1. Fill the whirlpool to a level equal of at least 1” above the highest jet.
  2. Depress the on/off push button located on the deck of the tub to start the pump. *** Warning: Do not start the pump until the tub has been filled to the specified level, doing so may cause damage to the pump and will void your warranty.
  3. Once the pump has been turned on, you can adjust the amount of air mixed with water. To adjust the air flow, use the master air control which should also be located on the deck of the tub. Rotate the control counterclockwise to increase the amount of air being introduced in the system. Rotate the control clockwise to decrease the amount of air being introduced into the system.

Additional Information About Whirlpool Jets

All Clarion Bathware whirlpools are equipped with adjustable-flow jets. The number and style of these adjustable flow jets installed in your whirlpool varies by model. Adjustable-flow jets are larger than the other jets that may be found in your tub. They are approximately 3 1/8” in diameter. They will either have a directional eyeball or rotational insert. Both styles are able to turn approximately 80 degrees in order to adjust the flow of water coming from the jet. The directional eyeball style of adjustable flow jet is adjusted by turning the eyeball, and the rotational style is adjusted by turning the insert using the three grips molded to the face of the jet insert.

Little or no flow should be attained by turning the inner part of either style counterclockwise. Maximum flow is attained by turning the inner part of the jets clockwise. Turning the jet either way should be easy and require no force. If you cannot turn the jet, it is adjusted as far as it can be in that direction. Do not force it any further or you will damage the whirlpool.

Your whirlpool may also be equipped with smaller back jets or have a factory installed bubble jet system. Back jets and bubble jets are not adjustable and any attempt to adjust them may damage the whirlpool.

Information About Optional Equipment

In-Line Heater - Your Clarion Bathware whirlpool may have come with a factory installed in-line heater. The heater is designed only to maintain the temperature of the water. The heater will automatically activate when the whirlpool pump is activated. No external switching is required. The thermostat of the heater is pre-set at 102 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bubble Jet System - A bubble jet system may have been installed on your Clarion Bathware whirlpool. This system consists of 16 air injector jets installed around the perimeter of the tub. Heated air is injected into the whirlpool through these jets. This system is controlled by an electronic control system found on the deck of your tub.

Aromatherapy - You may have selected to have your whirlpool equipped with aromatherapy. This option involves integrating a scent dispersal system into the internal piping of the whirlpool. Your aromatherapy equipped whirlpool came with a sampler kit of scents and a wicking strip. Apply some scent to the wicking strip and insert it into the aromatherapy canister on the deck of the whirlpool. Information is included with your whirlpool describing how to order more scent for your aromatherapy system.

Chromatherapy - Your whirlpool may also include mood lighting or surround lighting both of which fill the tub with different colors. The mood light or surround lighting are turned on using the supplied push button on/off. These lights use LED technology and under normal use, should never need changed.

Ozone Whirlpool Sanitation System - A whirlpool sanitation system may have been installed on your whirlpool. This system consists of an ozone generator that is attached to the air supply for the whirlpool jets. Ozone is a 100% safe, natural chemical that is a very effective sanitizer. When the whirlpool pump is started, the ozone generator mixes ozone with the water.

Cleaning Instructions

The appearance of your whirlpool can be maintained with any tub and tile cleaning product that is non-abrasive and does not include ammonia as an ingredient. Clarion Bathware whirlpool systems are designed to be some of the most sanitary on the market. However, no whirlpool system can ever be completely sanitary without regular cleaning. The whirlpool system should be cleaned weekly using household bleach or an approved cleaner available at many retail stores. Fill the tub with warm water to a level at least 1” above the highest whirlpool jet and add 1 cup of bleach. Run the system for 5 minutes. Let stand for 15 minutes. Drain the tub and re-fill with cold water. Restart the system for 10 minutes then drain. Always use caution when using chlorine based products in conjunction with other cleaning products. The possibility of harmful fumes could result. Failing to perform the required weekly cleaning of your whirlpool system could result in a buildup of bacteria in the system. Clarion Bathware is not responsible for any claims, either in the operation of the system, or any adverse health effects, if these weekly cleaning cycles are not performed.

Important- Please Note