E-Z Pin™  System

Smooth, seamless, built to last. Everyday luxury from the line of Clarion Bathware showers.

With Clarion Bathware’s patented E-Z Pin™ System, installing a shower or tub/shower has never been easier. No nuts or bolts are required during the installation, and all E-Z Pin™ units can be installed at any stage of the construction process. The E-Z Pin™ System enables professionals and do-it-yourselfers to roughly fit the shower or bathtub into the framing pocket and easily remove it to make adjustments to the pocket or drain. The units can literally be installed in four E-Z steps.

Want to remodel your bathroom? Clarion offers a variety of multi-piece shower & tub shower models available with E-Z Pin™ System. Make remodeling your bathroom simple and stress free with Clarions E-Z Pin™ System!